Lighting Brands

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A dynamic designer range for both indoor and outdoor applications and is used in projects around the world including hotels, restaurants, airports, VIP lounges, banks, offices and domestic.
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Dot Spot

Made in Germany - uncompromising quality makes the difference with Dot-Spot lighting solutions.

Applications for indoors and outdoors include Design and Commercial lighting, Garden/Property and recessed lighting, Accent lighting, Starry Night, LED Screens and Message Boards, LED light curves.
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Erco are continually striving for optimum solutions for architectural lighting, in terms of producing, guiding and controlling light and enhancing the options for efficient visual comfort and scenographic design.The objective is to offer users lighting tools that will satisfy all the technical and economical demands of real life applications while simultaneously opening up the whole fascination and magic of the "immaterial material of light".This specialised range covers many interior and exterior lighting applications.
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Fontana Arte

In 2012 Fontana Arte celebrated its 80th anniversary. The new collection of lamps presented at Euroluce 2013 has used the experience from the origins and glorious history of Fontana Arte and is a result of the collaboration with a new generation of international designers and the use of non-conventional materials. Special attention is paid to the interaction between the person and the light.


Established in 1951 this family run business manufacture a extensive range of lighting in Barcelona.

Chandeliers, pendant, ceiling , table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps, picture lamps in various metal, acrylic, alabaster, ceramic, glass, leather, marble and wood finishes. Styles include traditional, period, classic, contemporary, modern, art deco. Over and above  the extensive standard range a custom made division uses the experience of thousands of designs covering multiple applications and finishes to offer quality and compliance to meet customer demands.
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Goccia are based in Italy and have been producing high quality luminaires for over 30 years. Their speciality is for outdoor lighting including architectural  lighting for ceilings, walls and stylish bollards for patios, gardens and pathways. Constantly updated using the latest technology this quality range is used extensively for commercial and residential projects in Europe and around the world.
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Lightyears takes pride in creating luminous lighting products that combine tradition and renewal.This collection offers modern interpretations of everyday lighting products and the aim is to shed light on new takes on how and where to use contemporary illumination.
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Louis Poulsen

For more than seventy years, Louis Poulsen has collaborated with visionary architects and designers to produce innovative lighting solutions for buildings and their surroundings. The superior styling, craftsmanship and quality of Louis Poulsen products can be found on prominent projects around the globe.

The mission of Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S is to design and market unique lighting in the form of products which create ambience for people and fixtures. These products must have a functional design and be of high quality.
The vision of Louis Poulsen Lighting is for Louis Poulsen to be the preferred partner and brand wherever unique lighting is desired.
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Lucente is a combination of elegance, organic shapes and functionality, a project springing from the conviction that well-designed objects can improve the quality of life thanks to their functional aesthetic appearance. The light is able to change atmospheres and moods, Lucente tries to interpret its many applications in everyday life.
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Martinelli Luce

Since the 50's the innovative and dynamic brand Martinelli Luce has continued with a design plan to reinvent lighting while maintaining the experience learnt over time and through association with top designers.
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Meyer was founded in 1946 and has become a a major manufacturer of exterior lighting products covering applications for façade lighting, floodlighting, ceiling luminaires,ground recessed uplighting and wall and pathway lighting.
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With 30 years of experience, today MLE is a leading figure in the world of high level hotel lighting. Each product combines advanced technical and functional features and are sought after in top end hotel and domestic projects.
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Northern Lighting

Northern Lighting was founded in 2005, and has since established itself as a small dynamic Nordic company specialising in the design and manufacture of lights. Northern Lighting creates designer lights for different moods inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society and the very special natural light.
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Patrizia Volpato

Patrizia Volpato collections are created through non-industrial processes. Their chief component is Murano glass in decorative and artistic forms embellished with cast aluminium, wrought iron or combination of crystal and gold. From chrome plated or antiqued cast metal to gold leaf finishes, from the beautifull art of master glassblowers to hand cast plates decorated with glass fragments every detail Patrizia Volpato exudes unique craftmanship.
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Prisma offers a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting for commercial and residential applications and provide a family range of products for surface, suspended and pole mounting installations. The Prisma range combine quality materials, aesthetically pleasing designs and competitive pricing.
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Prisma Architectural

Prisma Architectural is a collection of design-led indoor and outdoor lighting products with innovative features and designs, manufactured from high quality  materials they offer a comprehensive range of wall and ceiling mounted luminaires, pole mounted lighting and in-ground recessed lighting.
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Solite is a leading manufacturer and supplier of clean room lighting equipment and luminaires for laboratories, pharmaceutical areas, semi-conductor manufacturing areas, hospitals, kitchens and food preparation applications and are used by many blue chip companies worldwide.
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Spittler offers a wide range of interior lighting for commercial and retail applications with an emphasis on the lighting of interior spaces to the latest recommendations. Their comprehensive range of customisable downlights, suspended fittings,spotlights and projectors are an ideal choice for the lighting of interior commercial buildings, schools and retail complexes. Technical design and quality of materials combine to create performance with visual comfort to improve the quality of life in the illuminated environment.
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Founded  in 1928 with it's headquarters in Florence, Targetti operates in the field of interior and exterior architectural lighting. From initially being  a small shop selling lamps and related products, today Targetti continues to effortlessy combine functionality and design in its production and marketing of over 2,000 lighting system and products.

Technically-advanced lighting solutions and detailed research meet pure forms and clean lines, synonymous with contemporary design, and suitable for installation within any architectural setting. Targetti Poulsen Industries is the Holding company which heads a Group credited to be in the top three among the European players of indoor & outdoor architectural lighting.
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Established over 60 years ago in Germany now has companies in seven different locations worldwide and specialise in exterior lighting.

Their philosophy is to create luminaires that are engineered to endure, thereby minimising the need to replace or recycle them for a long time to come. We-Ef's entire operation from luminaire design through to the production process and subsequent application is based on this principle of longevity. Each step in the process carries with it the responsibility of environmental protection and the most effective use of resources.